From the Mediterranean to the table

The AULUS line offers a range of high quality extra-virgin olive oils obtained by careful selection of the best oil cultivars in the Mediterranean region. It includes the best D.O.P. (protected designation of origin – PDO) , IGP (Protected Geographical Indication – PGI) and 100% Italian oil, all marks that guarantee the absolute quality of raw materials, certified by control bodies that protect the interest of consumers with regard to product quality.

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This oil is made with the most prized Italian cultivars, sure to provide consumers with an extra-virgin of excellence. Its moderately fruity taste pairs perfectly with any hot or cold entree.

It is available in 750 ml and 1 litre sized bottles.


This oil is made using Cima di Bitonto or Ogliarola barese and Coratina olives picked when perfectly ripened. It has a well-rounded taste, with hints of fragrant herbs and a slightly bitter, spicy scent.
Perfect for salads, legumes, focaccia breads, and grilling.


Is one of the most prestigious Sicilian P.D.O. This highly prized oil is characterized by the intense aroma of olives, and pleasant herbaceous notes. Its moderately fruity, slightly spicy and bitter taste perfectly pairs with legumes, meats and grilled fish.

P.D.O UMBRIA Colli Assisi - Spoleto

The protected designation of origin “Umbria”, accompanied by the geographical mention “Colli Assisi-Spoleto”,  it is reserved for the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the varieties: Moraiolo Leccino and Frantoio.

Characterized by an intense green color and a strong fruity aroma, on the palate it has a perfect balance of bitter and spicy which makes it an ideal pairing with meat carp, boiled legumes and vegetable soups.

It is available in the 500 ml size.

D.O.P. UMBRIA Colli Martani

The D.O.P Umbria Colli Martani is an extra virgin olive oil with a color tending from green to yellow, characterized by a medium/strong fruity aroma.

The characteristic flavor is a medium-strong fruity with an appreciable bitter and spicy sensation.

The D.O.P. Umbria Colli Martani is an extremely eclectic oil: used raw expresses all its character thanks to its fruity aroma it, in particular it goes well with bruschetta, salads and hard cheeses. It is also perfect in cooking.

It is available in the 500 ml format.

Dauno Gargano

The controlled denomination of origin “Dauno”, accompanied by the geographical mention “Gargano”, is reserved for extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Ogliarola Garganica olive variety which is present in the olive groves no less than 70%. Other varieties present in the olive groves can compete up to the maximum limit of 30%.

The unmistakable flavor of this extra virgin olive oil makes it an ideal pairing for fish and shellfish dishes, for vegetables and soups.

Excellent on a simple slice of hot bread to prepare delicious bruschetta.


An extra-virgin olive oil made with the best olives in the Mediterranean region, the homeland of widely renowned and prized cultivars. The result is an extra-virgin olive oil of moderately fruity taste, well suited for everyday cuisine, and especially for cooking.

Bottiglia di olio extra vergine di oliva AULUS Il Versatile


from the best cultivars of the Mediterranean basin, cradle of the best olive trees, this extra virgin olive oil has a medium intense fruity taste, excellent especially in cooking. Its aroma and its “versatile” taste make it an indispensable ingredient for everyday preparations.